Speed Revolution

Speed Revolution is a customized and integrated Inventory & Accounting software for every size of businesses. Our Inventory Management Software and Inventory Accounting Software is the best suited & can be customized for various kinds of businesses, such as Trading, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Distributers, etc.

Revolution Star

Revolution Star is a Hotel Management Software that is the perfect choice not only for restaurants but also for Hotels and Resorts. You can maintain Check-in, Check-Out, Room service bills, KOT, Hotel Bills, POS entries by using this software.

POS Revolution

POS Revolution is a software developed for retail shops and showrooms such as garment shops, footwear shops, etc which includes purchase, retail sale, stock management respective to sizes and product variations. We provide customized invoice formats, Report formats as per requirements.

Medical Plus

Medical Plus is software used for Medical Stores and Pharmaceutical Dealers to maintain Purchase, Sales, Stock, Schedule H1 drug stock, Account Ledgers, etc.

School Management Software

This software is specifically developed for schools that maintain all records from student admission form to a student leaving certificate, It can also maintain all other entries such as bus fee entries, stock issue entries, Bonafide certificate, etc.

Gym Management Software

This software is designed for Gyms and Fitness Clubs to maintain their Membership Profiles, Membership receipts, Outstanding Reports, Trainer Profile, Trainer Salary, etc.